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Pomo: Basic Instructions

What is Pomo?

Pomo is a countdown timer primarily intended for use by software developers using The Pomodoro Technique. However, non-developers who spend a lot of time at the computer may also find uses. (I use it to limit the time my children spend on the computer.)


Initially, Pomo is stopped:


Clicking the control button starts the timer:


Clicking the (now green) control button pauses the timer:

paused.jpg If you are a pomodoro purist and insist that a pomodoro cannot (or should not) be paused... then don't click the rectangle. :-)

When the timer reaches zero, the break timer starts counting down and a message is displayed:


Right-clicking on the timer displays the Settings window:


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benbward Jan 11, 2012 at 9:12 PM 
No, not right now. If I add that, how should it work? I find that I usually only have opportunity to do a few pomodoros in a row, so I haven't strictly implemented the long break. I could add "LongBreakDuration" (default 15) and "PomodorosBeforeLongBreak" (default 4) settings then use "LongBreakDuration" instead of "BreakDuration" if the user has finished that many since his last long break. Would that be sufficient?

brucejia Jan 11, 2012 at 9:18 AM 
Dear Sir, does it support long break? Thanks in advance. - Bruce